Sheldon and Nicole met January 11th, 2014 in Hollywood

People always ask us how we met! The truth is we met online, which seems like today's norm! #Itsgreatwhatyoucanfindonline.

Our story all started with a “poke” I (Nicole) received on Twitter. Confusing right?! I had no idea who the handsome guy was. So, I did the normal thing and googled him (Click to Google Sheldon too). I watched Sheldon's beautiful Yosemite time-lapse video, stalked his Instagram and Facebook, yet I still had no clue who he was and why he would "poke" me. Curiously, I favorited the tweet and followed him back. Then I got a direct message on Twitter introducing himself and telling me to check my message inbox on the dating app. So, I quickly read his charming lengthy message on the dating site and sent one back. That message turned into a few more and quickly into a phone call. We ended up talking on the phone for hours!! Slightly joking, I suggested we should meet up the next day in Hollywood. And he surprisingly agreed. This could have turned into a crazy horror story but luckily we are both alive and in love to tell the tale. We decided to meet at a coffee shop in Hollywood on Highland. I got there a little early and drank a cup of coffee which did the opposite of calming me down. He eventually called me to tell me he was almost there and was about to walk across the street. I got all flustered and nervous, I ran outside the coffee shop and into the crosswalk where he was walking to greet him. I saw him in the middle of the crosswalk but he did not see me and walked right past me! Awkwardly, I had to walk to the other side of the street and wait for the crosswalk to turn green again to run back. By this time, Sheldon is at the coffee shop, calling me and asking where I am. Laughing and extremely embarrassed I explained, and finally was able to cross the street again where we hugged and introduced ourselves. After one look into his blue eyes, I knew he was the one. Crazy right?! Love at first sight?? I swear it is a real thing. The rest of the day was magical straight out of a movie. As my nerves calmed the conversation did not. We went bowling, split a milkshake, drove up to the Griffith Observatory to watch the sunset, shared our first kiss. We fell in love that day and we have been inseparable ever since. 

It all started with a “poke.” :)

Since the beginning of 2014, Sheldon and I have traveled to many beautiful places and have shared a million laughs together. We love spending our weekends by the pool with Ella and our friends, sharing a nice glass of wine at a winery, and exploring our beautiful state. Sheldon proposed to me at Justin, our favorite winery in Paso Robles. I was extremely surprised since I was planning on throwing him a surprise birthday party for him the next day! Which then, turned into an incredible engagement party. We feel so blessed to have so many amazing people in our lives who care and support us. Sheldon and I love each and every one of you!

We cannot wait to spend the rest of our lives together!!!

xx Nicole and Sheldon (almost) Neill


"looking forward to the future 💙 " Posted on the day we met 1/11/2014



Here are some of our favorite memories together ♡ 





SHE SAID YES! (of course!)